Sovereign Automation has been present on the Italian and foreign markets since 1972, we have gained over 40 years of experience in the field of industrial automation and in the manufacture of special machines.

Sovereign Automation has always tried to apply the most advanced technologies to its systems so as to be able to offer the customer an innovative product, taking into account the expectations and resources available.

Our systems are made entirely in-house, the technical department follows the design, the workshop makes and assembles the parts.

All electrical work and PLC programming is also carried out in-house.

Knowing every aspect of the project guarantees an efficient after-sales support service so that we can effectively resolve any problems that may arise.


We study customised solutions for our customers, designing and implementing systems for different types of applications.


We use the most suitable applications for each type of machinery in our portfolio.


We guarantee our customers a service to reduce any possible machine downtime.